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Free Ancestral Healing Sessions Offer

For impacted communities and activists supporting them.

Read to learn more:

My heart continues to break for people across the globe who are being impacted by acts of hate, oppression, and violence; all of which stem from the larger forces of colonialism, capitalism, and religious supremacy.​


We need to dismantle these systems!

We need ancient, wise, loving Ancestors to help.


As a very small offering to help folks from impacted communities, I am joining many of my colleagues at Ancestral Medicine as part of our Collective Action initiative in offering free Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions. My personal offering is to support the following:

  • Transgender folks being impacted by anti-trans laws around the world.

  • BIPOC folks experiencing economic hardship.

  • Palestinians impacted directly or indirectly* by genocide in Gaza.

  • Sudanese or Congolese impacted directly or indirectly* by war, displacement, and famine.

  • Ukrainians impacted directly or indirectly* by Russia’s war.

  • Refugees impacted by any current wars, famines, natural disasters, and/or political tyranny.

  • Activists working for organizations that fight for justice and protections for transfolks and BIPOC communities; or peace/relief efforts in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Congo, or any other place currently experiencing war and/or famine.

*Indirect impact can include a person born in an impacted area, but who now resides elsewhere and feels the grief of their loved ones and homelands being directly harmed and affected.

If you have interest in this offer, I invite you to please use the form below to tell me more about yourself and how I can potentially help. I will then reach out via email to schedule a video call to get to know you more and talk about the work of Ancestral Lineage Healing.

Kindness and Blessings to you!

Application Form

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