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About Me

My Story

I discovered genealogy and family history research as a 12-year-old. I always had an innate interest and curiosity about my ancestors and history in general, so when I discovered that researching your own family was “a thing”, I was hooked!

As a young teen, I became rather obsessed with genealogy research. It was all I wanted to do. I was a pretty nerdy kid and didn’t have a lot of friends or confidence. At the same time, I was a closeted gay teen who was deeply troubled and conflicted about who I was. My religious and cultural upbringing did not provide me the opportunity to really understand and express myself; and I carried a lot of guilt, shame, and self-hatred as a result. Genealogy research gave me something to feel connected to. I discovered a natural gift for problem-solving, teaching others, and retaining amazing amounts of information. It gave me confidence, and ultimately, a safe place where I could escape and completely lose myself....

My Accomplishments


Professional Genealogist since 2004


Lead Genealogist for research on 23 episodes of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

CNN Appearence.png

Numerous media
appearances on national TV and radio

PHCI Logo.png

Certified Primal Health Coach (2020)


Accredited Genealogist® through ICAPGen since 2007


Guest Genealogist on camera for 15 episodes of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Wyoming Flag.jpg

Wyoming State Young Historian of the Year (2001)

Ancestral Medicine.png

Certified Practitioner in

Ancestral Lineage Healing - Ancestral Medicine (2022)

The Philosophy of my Practice

I believe all forms of life have a natural and innate propensity to pursue growth and self-expression to the maximum capacity of their genetic makeup. As humans, nature has given us unique genetic gifts and abilities, along with a special place in earth’s vast ecosystem. We have incredible potential to create, give, and express ourselves in ways other species do not!


Our genetic blueprint evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to allow us amazing capacities for learning, problem-solving, and skill development. Our natural state is one of health, vitality, creativity, and compassion! Our primal ancestors lived in a natural state for thousands of years, and we are the beneficiaries of the genes they developed....

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