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The Philosophy of My Practice

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I believe all forms of life have a natural and innate propensity to pursue growth and self-expression to the maximum capacity of their genetic makeup. As humans, nature has given us unique genetic gifts and abilities, along with a special place in earth’s vast ecosystem. We have incredible potential to create, give, and express ourselves in ways other species do not!


Our genetic blueprint evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to allow us amazing capacities for learning, problem-solving, and skill development. Our natural state is one of health, vitality, creativity, and compassion! Our primal ancestors lived in a natural state for thousands of years, and we are the beneficiaries of the genes they developed.

Over time, civilizations formed, and humans began to adopt practices and beliefs that were contrary to our natural genetic blueprint. That blueprint has hardly changed since the advent of civilization about 10-12,000 years ago.

Today, we find ourselves living in a society plagued with a host of health, environmental, and social challenges. These, I believe, are symptoms of humans becoming disconnected from virtually everything; our food, the earth, our communities, ancestors, and the nutritional and lifestyle habits that created our genetic blueprint. I also believe this disconnection has led to many other disruptions within nature, and we see much evidence of this in the environment, our politics, and our social climates.


In order for earth to heal, we must heal as a human species. Today, nearly 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, and our lifestyles are chaotic and busy, which causes us to live under chronic levels of elevated stress and disconnection. I believe nature is calling us to abandon many of the disconnecting habits we’ve developed in our Western culture. I believe we are being called to heal and return to our natural state!

In order to heal and reconnect with the world around us, I believe there are four primary connection points we must reclaim. These are what I call the Four Sacred Ancestral Connections:

Ancestral Lineage
  1. Connection to Mind & Body - Using metabolic therapy, we can recharge and cleanse the body by incorporating the nutrition and lifestyle principles of our primal ancestors for sustained and optimal physical wellness. A healthy body fueled by whole foods in-line with our genetic blueprint, and healthy movement and lifestyle habits reclaims a mind/body connection by strengthening the intuitive “inner self” or “spirit”. We're better able to then identify and eliminate false beliefs that hold us back will allow us to discover and pursue developing our life purpose and mission!

  2. Connection to Ancestral Lineage - Understanding recent, as well as deeper, historic generational trauma is an important part of understanding why you are where you are. We are bi-products of our ancestors, their life choices, and the external circumstances that impacted their lives. Knowing basic things about your lineage will help you consciously know how to heal, how to connect with history, and how to connect with others in a deeper and more vibrant, loving manner. Reclaiming a connection to your ancestral lineage strengthens spiritual health and wellbeing and enhances our intuitive self even more.

  3. Connection to Earth - Our indigenous ancestors (depending on your lineage, those ancestors may be more recent or distant) lived in beautiful harmony with the earth. Becoming more in-touch with our food, how it's grown, where it comes from, and then learning about and connecting with our deep ancestral origins, helps us reclaim our own personal love and connection to Mother Earth.

  4. Connection to Community - Our ancestors were very connected to community and fostered deep, interdependent relationships with other humans. As we implement principles of ancestral health, lifestyle, connection to earth, and reconnecting with our ancestors, we begin to see the reality of our vast interconnectedness with earth and other beings (whether human or non-human). We deepen our relationships and foster healing through enhanced love and empathy.

As we reconnect with our body, spirit, and ancestors, I believe healing takes place that then naturally moves us to reconnect with the earth and our communities. We increase in love and compassion for others. Through healing, we discover our unique purpose and mission, and we become ready and eager to offer them to others. As each person comes to play their part in the ecosystem of humanity, the disruptions we’ve caused in nature will cease and the earth will heal. Then, each form of life will thrive and express itself in the most beautiful and abundant ways possible.

My job as a coach is to guide you through a journey of self-healing and discovery by helping you reclaim your natural state of vibrant human-beingness! Maybe you only need guidance in one of those areas. Maybe you would like coaching in all three. It’s up to you! This is your journey!

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