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Ancestral Lineage Healing

Heal intergenerational and cultural trauma

Reconnect to your wise, loving ancestors


What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral Lineage Healing is a ritual-based healing art modality designed to teach you how to tap into your deep, inner ancestral wisdom, reconnect to the vibrant spirits of your ancient, earth-honoring ancestors, identify inherited generational traumas stored in the body, and to initiate healing of those traumas. It combines teachings and practices of multiple ancient cultures focused on earth and ancestor connection.

My specific training comes from Dr. Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine, and I highly recommend his book if you would like to learn more about the practice.

Who is it for?

Those feeling stuck in their personal and spiritual growth.

Those seeking to deepen connection to their ancestors and lost ancestral cultures.

You have unresolved trauma or unhealthy patterns showing up—especially if they have not resolved with traditional therapy or other healing modalities.

You recognize unhealthy generational patterns showing up repeatedly within a family system.

How Does it Work?

In an Ancestral Lineage Healing session, I help clients settle into an embodied, meditative space so they can more deeply tap into and listen to their intuition. From there, I guide them through a process of making connection with what we call the “Wise and Loving Ancestors.” These ones are part of the collective body of our ancient ancestors (usually indigenous, pre-Christian peoples) who lived and died during a time when humans were one with Earth and their communities—people who tended relationships in ways to help them quickly heal pain and trauma.

Once connections are re-established to the older Wise and Well Ancestors, we allow those ones to initiate healing of the entire direct lineage down into your own body—repairing any epigenetic damages passed on from unhealed ancestral traumas in that specific lineage. The work focuses on what are known as the Four Primary Lineages. These lines tend to have the most genetic and epigenetic impact in our bodies, and thus influence our health and well-being more predominantly than other secondary and tertiary lineages.

Ancestral Lineage Healing work focuses on one lineage at a time, and usually involves a total of six sessions to complete the process for one line. After that, I try and help clients understand the work enough so they can either address other lines on their own, or, we can repeat the process working together. The first session lasts 60-90 minutes, and each follow-up session is 30-60 minutes.

Image by Shadman Sakib

Do I have to know a lot about my family?

The good news is, no! However, I do find that the more you know about your family going into the process, the easier it can be to navigate and understand information that may surface during the sessions. For instance, if you know regions of the world where your Four Primary Lineages originate, it can be easier to understand the historical context around certain inherited traumas and patterns you may identify. It can also help knowing which ancient cultures you may feel called to reconnect with as part of the healing and repair process.

If you know little or nothing about your ancestors, you CAN still do the work! But, if you would like to know more before diving in, I do offer a basic family tree exploration and assessment service in conjunction with the Ancestral Lineage Healing work (see offerings and pricing).

My Offerings

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Ancestral Lineage Healing

6 Sessions

In most cases, 6 sessions will allow us to work through the full healing process of one of your Four Primary Lineages. Should extra sessions be needed, you may add extra a-la-carte sessions ($75 each), or another block of six  (spending them however you wish).

During our work, I seek to help you learn the process so you can continue working through other lineages on your own. However, we can also continue working together if you find guidance useful.

Session work is done via video call or in-person (for local clients).

$400 (a-la-carte: $75)
Sliding Scale options available.

Family Tree Assessment

Add-on Service to explore your family tree

Don't know much about your heritage? Begin the healing work with a basic family tree assessment to learn where your Four Primary Lineages most likely originate, along with potential cultural themes that may impact generational traumas. This basic assessment can also include a review of any DNA test results you may have (if you haven’t, this is an add-on option).

Please note this service usually does not allow me to identify specific ancestors beyond your 4th or 5th generation (and some geographic areas may be even more limited). However, I do offer in-depth genealogical research should you wish to know even more about your family.

$450 (DNA kit extra $100)

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