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Coaching Programs

Group coaching can be a fun way to foster learning and incorporate new practices and habits with the support of a group! It can also be a more affordable option for some if the cost of on one-on-one coaching isn’t feasible.

How group coaching works:

  • Small group of 3-6 people of your choosing!

  • Customized session schedule for group members.

  • Group video conference for each session.

  • Coaching happens in group setting only (no one-on-one coaching).

  • Online group support platform offers a space to share ideas, ask questions, and encourage each other. I will be available to answer questions and offer support in the online space between sessions.

  • Receive handouts, recipes, and other resources as part of the program.

Image by Hannah Busing

Ancestral Health & Eating

4-Week short course on ancestral diet

For those either looking for a more affordable option or a simple crash-course on ancestral health and nutrition, the Ancestral Health & Eating program may be for you! In this short course, I will personally guide you and your group members through a 21-day metabolic reset and set you up for long-term success with a powerful education about ancestral nutrition, movement, and lifestyle.

In this 4-week course, members receive:

  • 4 weekly group video calls

  • 21-day Metabolic Reboot

  • Guided Pantry Purge

  • Unlimited online support

  • Primal recipes

  • Support handouts and videos

$250 (per person)
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